Eating everything that crosses our mouth is not healthy at all. Well, to explain this line, we don’t have to do much, the example is right in front of you. you can see whatever the world is going through.

The chaos caused by the corona virus has occurred since our neighbors started cooking bats and eating them. and mother nature reverted back in a way that if someone had the idea of eating bats or any kind of thing then now they have a lesson.

Now all things that move should be eaten and now the vegetarians have the best chance to laugh at people and now we have to agree with them one way or the other. there is a quote ‘you are what you eat’. And we think that it is very right.

If you eat lots of burgers, you will become a look alike of burger, you will grow fat on specific parts of your body that will feel that you have become a round patty yourself. And if you eat greens, then you will be slim.

Talking about diet, many people have become fat due to the corona virus lock down but thankfully now it has let down its guard and we can again walk freely. But the issue is that the fat will not be gone easily and that is why one has to eat less.

It is hard to control hunger and if you get very hungry then we have a suggestion for you, eat as much popcorn as you can. If you don’t know how to make them, get a popcorn machine rental Dubai.

And imagine eating popcorn all day while sitting on your bean bags rental in Dubai is like a dream come true. If you need more reasons to eat popcorn then we suggest that you read the post below because here we have mentioned the benefits of eating popcorn;

Popcorn is packed with Protein:you basically need protein to live. You must have seen the Bear Grylls show and he eats almost everything moving, living or dead and he makes sure that he finds protein in everything he puts in his mouth. But the good part is that you don’t have to eat everything, you can have popcorn because they are fully loaded with protein.