Student life is considered one of the best periods of our life. It is when a person explores himself, seeks motivation, and sets goals to achieve in his/her life. But depression and anxiety have affected students so adversely that they end up giving up on their academic life. About 75% of mental health illnesses occur before a person reaches the age of 25. So it means that great chances are that it can at least once occur either in your school, college, or university life. About 60% of the students develop an anxiety problem once in a year while studying in a college or university offering Bachelor of Business Administration in Dubai. The situation is even worse in universities where its prevalence has led to higher suicidal rates.

 Reason Why You Fail in your Academic Life:

 The first and foremost reason that is worth mentioning is academic stress that starts in accredited universities in Dubai. Your results are not on par with your expectations. Often time you may feel that your grades are lower as compared to your classmates even when you are trying harder than them or you may excessively start interpreting that your instructor is stricter towards you as compared to them. Now, let’s think of a student who is excellent in studies but the financial crisis has caused his mental breakdown, and he starts developing an anxiety disorder. Excessive use of technology better say the Internet, getting bullied due to your color or mainly because of your plain looks, failure in your love life, or use of drugs, all of these factors also lead to mental instability in youth. Thus this list goes on.

How the Intervention of a Life Coach Can Save You

 It is of no shame that many times in our life we lost control and we want someone else to take our hands and pull us out from the dark times. It is said that 80% of teens can be surely treated if they seek outside help. A life coach can help you to combat those episodes of depression that have been killing you from inside; only if you let them do so. They make you realize that there is no need to pay heed to fierce competition in studies; your only competent in life is YOU….No matter what you are doing, just do it in the best way.

 They help you find your strengths and ask you to harness them to set and achieve your life goals. Discovering beauty in your own existence and developing self-confidence is made easy with their help. Just simple one-to-one talks sessions with them can assist you in staying away from relations that are isn’t working out or dealing with heartbreaks in a more mature way.