There are several drone services in Dubai which you can hire when you need them but if you want to go on a professional level in your work or when you have a passion of photography then you can get your own drone and capture whatever you want whenever you need without paying some extra amount to anyone else. To buy your own drone there are some important characteristics which you need to see in the drone and to get more info about it you have to go to this site:

Camera: It is the basic feature of a drone for which people will like to get a drone and you have to see that the camera in your drone should be of 4k that is able to take high resolution images because you have to take the images and videos from a far place and if your camera is not of good quality then you will not get the exact image as you expect.

GPS: You need to see that the drone should have a built-in GPS system so that you can feed any route in that and then it will reach to the destination without you flying it or stick to it all the time. GPS will help you a lot when you are using the same route all the time because you will not have to use the manual flying all the time.

Blue tooth: You need to check that the drone should have the blue tooth ability so that you can take all the footages from the drone camera to your computer or nay other device where you want that. When it has the blue tooth or Wi-Fi ability then it will be easier to use.

Collision: It is very important that the drone should have the ability to avoid any kind of collision from the other objects because there will be birds many times around the drone or big building or any other alike object and when the drone has the ability to avoid collision then it will be safe for longer time and you will not have to search it everywhere after collision. It should fly on a very consistent height to avoid any collision and it should detect that height by itself while flying for a project on auto-pilot or manually by you.