Before your wedding you have to do complete planning about everything from the dress to the hairstyle to wedding décor to the reception area style. You need to see about everything in detail because it will help you in enjoying your wedding to full extent. If you didn’t think about all these things then you will be worried about any of them on your wedding day and especially your wedding gown, it should be carefully planned and curated because it is the dream of every girl to look on her wedding day. You have to visit wedding shop in Dubai and then you will see a lot of different styles there. You have to get the best evening gown Dubai to look different from others. Here you will get to know about the wedding gowns:

Mermaid style: You can get the mermaid style to the wedding of your own and it will look amazing on the slimmer brides because this style will be very slim from the upper part of the body till the knees and they will enhance the look of the bride. Below the knees this gown will have a good flare to provide the look of a beautiful gown. Girls with bigger bodies having more fats then they should not go for this style but slightly heavy girls will look good in this.

Trumpet style: It is another style which is somewhat similar to the mermaid style but in this style the dress will be fitted from upper to the half of body or just below the hips and then the flare will be great below that. It will look like the bell of trumpet that’s why it will be called as it. It will be like the half skirt style with amazing flare at the bottom but without the frills. There will be a lot of clothe there which goes straight to the end of the length. It is less fitted than the mermaid style that’s why it is considered as a separate style and girls who do not like to have very fitted dress will go for this one because it will be the best style for them. You can have any style on the upper part of the dress according to your liking or weather in which your wedding is going to be held.