Deciding that either you want a job that is according to your passion or doing a job that is trendy and that pays well, this is the most difficult question that a job seeker has to answer. And some answer it all their lives. We have seen many people who used to work in an office and they decided to quit their job and do what they always wanted. There are many examples of such people like Steve Jobs and the owner of Google. But this is also a risky work but the most successful people who are following their dreams and they are living the life they wanted, they say that one must never give up.

If we start to discuss this thing then we would have a never ending post and still the job seekers will not get an answer. But no matter what people have passion for, you will be amazed to know that there are more than a billion searches done on google and that says like most popular jobs of 2020 or most demanding careers of 2021 and etc. and that is why we looked up the market of different countries and the most demanded business is of Audi service center in Al Quoz. But there are different work shops that also deal in different kinds of BMW service center al Quoz which means that there is a lot need of mechanics. And if you don’t know how to become a mechanic then we suggest that you keep reading to know how to become one;

Schooling: this is the major thing that any career or a job requires and you have to make sure that you pass out school in good grades.

College: right after school, you have to complete your college. There are some car mechanics who are not college grads but the issue is that they are hired in less salary as compared to those who have a college degree.

University: if you want to a proper degree in cars then there are different universities that are offering the courses of auto mechanism and you have to find that by yourself.

Internship: get internship in any work shop but it will be best for you if you get an internship in a branded work shop.