There was a time when people wanted to become the best employee of the years or the month or the week. But it seems like that everyone who comes for an interview, they are just here for the money.

There was a time when the employees had a thing in them to get to the top of the employee list and they wanted to progress as well. but now the quality of good employees in the market has decreased.

Some companies make sure to give the best sales training in Dubai to their employees right after they are hired so that they get pumped and they want to step ahead in life and work as well.

Different companies get the employee involvement survey to make sure that everyone that they are working with them are actually on board because you don’t want to hire a person who is just there for money.

We have seen many new employee where they give good result in the first few weeks and by the end of the month when the day of the salary is near, they simply don’t pay much attention. And some even don’t bother to work on time nor they bother to bring in some new ideas or generate business.

If you have a company and you want the best employees in your staff but you don’t know what to look in for then we suggest that you keep reading this post because here we have suggested some tips to look in for an employee when you are hiring them;

See the CVs daily: it is the duty of a CEO that how much he or she gets the CVs, it is their job to call everyone on the interview and take a deep interview. Don’t ignore those CVs which have less experience and that has less qualification because who knows that this person might be the best cut out for your employee.

Look internally: of course, you will be hiring but you need to see that how much an employee wants the job. If he or she has left the previous job because they are paid less but they are good skilled then hire them and if the person has many jobs on the CV then put them in the pending list because he or she does not have what it takes to work in a single company for long period of time.