There are many moving companies in Dubai that help in moving your stuff and in packing, you can hire them also but you need to do that carefully because when you hire for packing then many people will be there in your house and you have to trust them with your stuff. If you cannot keep an eye on them then you should not hire them as there may be some thieves in them and they will abduct your stuff without you knowing about it and the company will not be responsible for that. You can also get the storage company in Dubai when you need a place to store your stuff for some time while you are out for looking a new house. It will happen when you sale your previous house without getting a new one or when the land lord kick you out of the house without any prior intimation. There are some things which you can consider:

First of all you have to sleet the moving company which reasonable yet amazing and have good reviews. You will send your stuff through them and sometimes you will reach your house earlier than your stuff because you go in different vehicles. You need to have trust on your moving company otherwise you will be worried about it all time and it may affect your health. Also when they company is not trust worthy then you may get the loss of your stuff and they will not agree to settle any claim. Check the reviews about a company before you hire that.

Then you need to estimate about the day and time carefully so that you will leave the house at the right time and then you will also reach to the right time. If you do not make an estimate about it then you may reach before the previous owner leave the house and then you will have to take a room in a restaurant and also you need a storage space for your stuff too. It will be an additional cost to you and you have to bear that because there is no other way to deal with it. There are some of the tracker apps which you can get your hands on and then you will be successful in your work of packing and moving stuff.