A memory foam mattress comprises of a sheet of memory foam. Memory foam utilizes the heat of your body to melt and mold to your shape. This helps in giving support and luxury. When the pressure is taken off, memory foam will regain steadily and after some time it will recognize the shape of your body and your position of sleeping. That is why this foam is known as memory foam. Memory foam mattresses have a much longer life than spring mattresses.

Memory foam mattress can also be called as visco-elastic foam. This foam was first created by NASA in the middles of 1960. The foam is made of polyurethane. Memory foam is used in pillows or mattresses.

What is the purpose of a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is basically an additional sheet or a layer on your mattress which gives additional comfort and safety. The toppers have different thickness and shape and are made up of different materials. A mattress topper can increase the life of your mattress by lowering stress on the springs. A mattress topper can be removed easily whenever you want.

Reasons why you should use mattress topper

  • Everybody needs more and more comfort especially when they are sleeping. Even if you have a soft and comfortable bed, you would still want to make it more comfortable. Mattress topper is the right choice to add more comfort to your bed and sleep. When you have a comfortable bed, a sound and peaceful sleep is guaranteed.

There are many kinds of memory foam mattress topper in Sharjah you can purchase according to the size of your bed.

  • Sharing a bed with your brother or sister can sometimes be the most annoying thing. They turn after every 10 minutes or get out of the bed to eat something and then come back again. It definitely disturbs your sleep a lot. Then you should definitely but memory foam mattress topper. The movement is absorbed by the mattress toppers without letting you know that your siblings are turning on the bed.
  • It is much better to get mattress toppers than getting your mattress replaced. Mattress toppers give protection to the mattress and makes the life of your mattress much longer.

If you feel like the mattress toppers are not suitable for you, consider buying high quality luxury mattress. They give more or less the same benefits.