Throughout life, we bear different types of pains because pain is there to stay and there are pains due to different reasons and we all should know that pain is a part of life either it is emotional pain or physical pain. When it comes to discussing that which types of pains are the worst types of pains, some people say that tooth ache is bad and some even say that ear pain but there are kinds of pains that doesn’t let the person work, sit, sleep, and eat and that is caused due to back pain.

This has been the most terrible kind of pain because back is the main part of your body and that is why our parents used to say to play safe and not hurt our back. There can be different kinds of situations a person falling from 3rd floor of the building can have a back same old good and a person just getting punch at the back can have a back ache for the rest of their lives. But there are different ways to cure the back pain like visit back pain doctor or getting the stem cell therapy in Dubai. but before going to cure, it is best to know that what might be reasons;

  1. May you have fallen from a place when you were a kid. There had been many reports by the world health organization that each year different kids fall from different places and hurt their backs and only some of them are curable. So, if you were too small and may be don’t remember that what happened, make sure to ask your friends or elders, may be they remember because knowing the cause can help you and the doctor to get to the cure fast.
  2. There might be a reason that you must have lifted a heavy thing and for that time you might have not felt the pain but after a small period of time, you have problem in getting up from the bed and chair and you have a problem in bending as well. This mostly happens to people who work at he gym and who work at the movers and lifters but there are some people who lift things at home and they end up hurting their back and alone in the United States, there had been more than 100,000 casualties of people going in the ER because they lifted a heavy thing and they now cannot stand back to normal.