All copies of original documents must be required. The documents must be in high quality means reader can read it clearly. No signature or any other stamp is allowed on the documents. Documents must be in English or if they are not in English language so they must be translated in English. In the Middle East, Canada visa from Abu Dhabi is easy than other countries.

A copy of Passport:

A copy of passport must be provided with at least six months of validation. The copy of passport is only submitted in electronic form so there should be no marks or signature on that.

University confirmation letter:

If you are applying on a student visa then a copy of original university letter should be submitted to the embassy on time. The letter must be original and in electronic form. A UAE student can also apply Canada student visa from Dubai.

Photo in Jpeg in electronic form:

Image with white background must be provided to the embassy. The image should b clear and make it sure that the image is of the person who is applying for visa. The image size must be 300 kb. The image should not be of the childhood of the person who is applying.

Copy of certificate:

If you are applying on the work visa then the work certificate of your previous corporation must b given to the embassy in electronic form. The certificate should be original. If the embassy finds it fake then there is no chance of your visa.

Marriage Certificate:

The embassy also needs an original copy of the marriage certificate in electronic form. If embassy finds that you are lying about your marital status then embassy don’t allow you to apply for visa.

A copy of bank statement:

An original copy of bank statement must be provided to the embassy because it is one of the basic requirements of the embassy. If you are showing a fake bank account or not giving your own bank statement then you are taking a risk.

A copy of employer agreement:

If you are applying on a work visa then the agreement between you and the employer should be provided to the embassy in electronic form. The letter should be original and all the information about the employer work and your designation must be written on that letter.

All the above requirements should be original and must be submitted in time. Because if you submit your documents after the decided date then your visa process will be in trouble.