There is a saying that there is a singer in all of us. Some of us are the bathroom singers, some sing amazing when they are happy and some get the singer out of them when they are sad. Our hidden skills and talents are sometimes unleashed by our strongest feelings.

And when you ask the biggest singers of all time, they will tell you that they found out that they are singers when they were once happy and they sang a song and people around them noticed or when they lost a pet and they sang a song for its farewell and they then found out.

When people see many huge singers, they don’t see what made them big today. There is a lot of struggle in being a singer and since the entertainment agency in Dubai or in any country or city for that matter is huge then it is hard to become one and that is also why people from across the world are going to the singing classes in Dubai to polish their skills.

If you are about to become a singer then we already know that why you are here. You are here to find the appropriate answers that you want to give to your parents and friends who are saying that this is a hard on career and you want to see more about singing as well.

So, basically, you have arrived at the right post and here you can tell those negative people all about singing and you can start from today, so, keep reading to know more;

Vocal paralysis: if you sing too much in the highest tone and if you blow your neck and lungs out while singing then you can have vocal paralysis as well.

Synesis issue: there was a singer named Chester (may his soul rest in peace), he sang so hard and loud that he got permanently damage synesis and doctors told him that if he did not stop, he could die.

Swollen vocals: there is a kind of soar throat in which your vocal cords get swollen and you can actually lose your voice for some days straight. Like you can really become a mute for some days.

Save your life: your vocal cords protect the airways and they are proven to be life saving for your body.