An EB5 immigration lawyer is a person who is responsible to handle all the steps involved in an EB-5 visa application. It is quite essential to hire a specialized EB-5 immigration lawyer instead of a normal immigration lawyer because both applications are quite different from each other and demand different requirements for each case. You must hire the best EB 5 attorney for your case who must have sufficient experience in dealing with these petitions because the approval or rejection of your application will be totally dependent on the skills of your lawyer.

A single minor mistake from your lawyer would shift this EB-5 visa process from a smoother and less timing consuming one to the slower or even rejected case. To make this decision a little feasible for you we have decided to discuss some of the main qualities which must be present in every EB-5 immigration lawyer in order to offer the most reliable services, so don’t forget to evaluate these qualities while hiring your lawyer.

Well-equipped with EB-5 knowledge

As we have mentioned earlier that EB-5 immigration process is not like that of normal one so it is quite essential to choose a lawyer for your petition who already possess valid knowledge regarding the concepts and laws related with EB-5 program, otherwise you would not be able to get your approval done in the first review and can even lead your application towards rejection. The EB-5 lawyer must know that what common mistakes and suggestions are highlighted by the US authorities while rejecting or approving the applications in order to create a stronger and valid application for their clients.

Build good communication with the applicants

Another quality which is very essential in every EB-5 lawyer is the ability to build good communication with the applicants. This is quite important because in most of the cases the applicants or foreign investors are unable to connect with the rules and regulations of US due to long distance. In several stages they are unable to understand the requirements that are being demanded by the US higher authorities and on the same side they are also unable to put their own opinion in a proper manner. So for this purpose the EB-lawyer must be communicative enough to help their clients and keep them well updated about the process scenario.