Buying a home is never easy. There are all sorts of things, there are some people who can get easily fooled. We have seen many property disputes issues where the buyer has given most of the money and the property that he or she is buying it from, that property is not theirs.

And the sellers get the money and give fake papers to the buyers and the next thing the buyers know that the original property owner are coming in and they see the buyer celebrating an inauguration, both the parties can become devastated and there becomes a state of panic for all.

There are many us who don’t know the language of law and that is why there are many of us who get fooled easily. So, we should get consultation from different people around us and from the legal advisers as well.

If you are about to buy a home, then we suggest that you first get some consultation from the best residential interior design company in Dubai and the best company of office interior design in UAE.

You must be wondering that why we suggested that you get consultation from them? well that is because they have given us some tips to see when buying a home and it is best to get your confusions and questions cleared in person as well, keep reading to know more;

  1. First see the condition of the roof. You must be wondering that why the roof has so much importance while seeing the condition of the roof? Well, that is because the roof will show how much is the house old and if the condition of the roof is bare then it means that the material used in the construction of the home is not good as well.
  2. You should see the condition of the walls as well. this can be confusing for many because it can be tricky to see. You have to see that there are any water stamps or not.
  3. If the paint has been cracked from some place, then it means that the material used in making of the home is not good meaning to say that it is not solid and that is why the rain water or the moist is affecting the walls and the roof as well.