Nurseries have aim to groom kids for middle schools. Therefore, their curriculum is simple that focuses on building their reading, communication and interpersonal skills at moderate level that help them to adjust in society in their paradigms. Hence, teachers are required to teach the following things to students in nursery.

Alphabets: Alphabets is the core of nursery curriculum. It is the lesson that would help them to read books and small chapters in their childhood. Teachers need to teach phonics of each alphabet to help them understand the use of each letter and learn to use them. They can teach them by using gadgets, music, worksheets and lots of activities. Alphabet music are ideal to give them lesson on alphabets. You can even use their names to tell them about each letter. It will connect their emotions with each letter and help to use it easily.

Numbers: If alphabets is the core of language then numbers is the pillar if mathematics and without mathematics, students can’t learn to run in this world. Teachers are required to develop their strong base in mathematics. Instead of memorizing them number, build concept of numbers in their mind according to their age. It will help them to learn it faster and use it better. You can make them play different games and watch them videos to teach them the lesson. It will make it easier for you to teach them the lesson.

Manners: Manners is the first step to become a better human being and nursery has responsibility to teach them manners and etiquettes according to their age. Teachers can teach them use magical words in their conversations. Besides, they can be taught to do some of their work themselves. It will not only groom them but help them to be independent. There are many ways to teach them basic manners. The best way to teach is by conversing with them and having activities. It will develop their communication skills and confidence as well and these are keys to success in this world.

So, these are three things that should be taught to students in nursery. Every British curriculum nursery in Dubai has English, Mathematics and Ethics teachers to teach the above mentioned things. There are many nurseries in Dubai that have the updated curriculum which focuses on grooming toddlers.